Connect Us!


Transformation of all school rooms in Freehold Township School District into

Interactive Classrooms completed in two years.


The FTEF Connect Us! campaign was officially launched at our first Monte Carlo Night in November 2012, with the objective of raising over $200,000 within two years to complete the transformation of every school room in Freehold Township School District into an Interactive Classroom. This would mean that all 300-plus school rooms would be equipped with the three vital pieces of technology that comprise an Interactive Classroom……a mounted short-throw projector, latest-generation document camera and tablet device. The fundraising video located here gives a great insight into the many benefits of an Interactive Classroom.

The prospect of raising such a large six-figure sum was truly daunting to all of us at FTEF as we set out on our mission, extending far beyond anything which the foundation had attempted before. But by the end of 2014 we had successfully, and proudly, completed our mission!

Not only did the infusion of this technology transform our children’s education experiences, but it also radically altered for the better the classroom experience of our dedicated teachers. The change in both the learning and teaching dynamic that took place in just two short years was remarkable.

We are of course grateful to so many people for their support in helping us achieve our goal.

We thank our many and generous donors, ranging from individual parents and families, all the way through to large corporations and foundations. We trust that our messages of both public and private appreciation over the past two years have reached you with the deep sincerity and gratitude with which they were sent.

Many thanks are also due our wonderful PTOs who have supported Connect Us! financially, administratively and vocally. Without this support there is no question that we would not have achieved our goal.

The administration at the Freehold Township School District, including the Board of Education, was a constant source of encouragement, support and assistance at every step of the way, as were the many teachers who embraced and evangelized what we were working towards, helping to spread the word about the many benefits of the Connect Us! initiative.

We also gratefully acknowledge the tireless, good-humored, determined and dedicated support of the many FTEF volunteers without whose efforts this marvelous achievement would have not been possible. Trustees, Executive Board Members, Committee Chairs and active volunteers……they all played vital roles in bringing this very important campaign to fruition, roles from which everyone can take great pride and satisfaction.

Much gratitude is also due to Dr. Gail Reilly, M.D., Chair of FTEF throughout most of the period of the Connect Us! campaign and closely involved with everything good that the foundation achieved during its lifetime.

Please take a few minutes to view a touching thank-you video produced by the Freehold Township School District.

Mark Breslauer

Chair, Connect Us!

Trustee, Freehold Township Education Foundation


We are proud to have funded this important initiative and others like it that have helped gain Freehold Township national recognition as an innovative leader in the use of technology in education.