Grant Funding

Through our William J. Setaro Building Blocks for Innovation Grants, the FTEF funds innovative and creative initiatives in the district that expose Freehold Township students to ideas and resources that are cutting-edge with a focus on areas that are evolving rapidly in the 21st century such as science and technology, the environment, health and wellness, diversity and the arts.

Teachers may apply for these funds during our annual grant cycle process.

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The Foundation would like to formally announce the winners of the 2016 Freehold Township Education Foundation’s William J. Setaro Building Blocks for Innovation Competitive Grants Program:


To see the 2016 BBI Grant press release, please click here.


"Magna Tiles" $700 -Joseph J. Catena School Colleen LaSalle (Technology Integration Coordinator) and Janet Griffin (Media Specialist)

Magna tiles are modular shapes with magnets on each side. Students can use the tiles to create shapes both 2D and 3D. Magna tiles allow students to get involved in play using a “hands-on” technique, allowing students to become critical thinkers through play.



"Putting the A in STEAM" $1,500 - Barkalow Middle School Matt Finucane (Technology Integration Coordinator)

Mr. Finucane believes it is time to take a step forward and highlight "Art" in STEAM with a photography component. Students will be able to use the preexisting green screen as well as the lighting that are in the building to learn how to properly shoot still images and designs. This is another platform that students can use to show their creativity and passion for the arts.



"OSMO Gaming System" $1,650 - West Freehold School Kimberly Layman (Technology Integration Coordinator)

OSMO is a new, fun and educational gaming platform for kids, which combines hardware and apps in order to deliver a hands-on gaming approach to lessons. Instead of swiping and tapping, players draw (on paper), pick up and throw (real) letter tiles, and fit geometric shapes (also real) together to create picture puzzles.






"Use Your Wits with littleBits" $2,800 - Errickson Karen Coronado (Technology Integration Coordinator) and Nanette Taddeo (4th Grade)

Students will use littleBits Education Kits to explore electronics and programming through invention­ based learning. Each classroom will have the opportunity to visit the STEAM center and complete an NGSS and Common Core aligned littleBits project.





"#BuildingSTEAM" $3,350 - Laura Donovan Jane Kablaoui (Media Specialist) Monica Hittinger (Technology Integration Coordiator)

Bloxels is a platform for building your own video games. Keva planks are unit blocks. Makey Makey invention kits are hands on, open­ended simple circuit boards that allow the maker to replace a keyboard with nearly any conductive material. Seven Peg Boards “walls” at the ends of our library bookshelves will offer a wonderful landscape for building DYI ball tracks. Huddle Cam Video Conference Camera­will enable students to explore and maintain digital citizenship through utilization of a wide angle camera that will allow multiple classrooms at the same time to video conference with students, experts, and guest speakers around the world.



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