Previously Awarded Foundation Grants

The Freehold Township Education Foundation (FTEF) would like to recognize past winners of the William J. Setaro Building Blocks for Innovation Grants program:

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Roseanne Kehr and Charlene Warren, Related Arts/Related Services teachers
Marshall W. Errickson School

Beverly Pagels, Media Specialist
West Freehold School

Lisa Force, Media Specialist
Clifton T. Barkalow and Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle Schools

Alejandro Batlle and Tami Campfield, Physical Education teachers
Laura Donovan School

Dana Turner, Language Arts Teacher
Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School

Lisa Gordon, Music teacher
West Freehold Elementary School

Patty Marshall, 4th grade teacher
Joseph J. Catena School

Michael Falgares, Technology Integrator and Katie Harms, teacher
C. Richard Applegate School

Karen Coronado, Technology Coordinator and Carla Segarra, Media Specialist
Marshall W. Errickson School

Mattew Finacane, Technology Coordinator
Clifton T. Barkalow School

Jennifer Sahlin, 6th grade teacher
Clifton T. Barkalow school

Colleen LaSalle (technology coordinator) and Kim Mulligan (art teacher)
Joseph J. Catena School

Monica Hittinger (science teacher) Jane Kablaoui (media specialist)
Laura Donovan School

Mrs. Julia Henderson (music teacher)
Marshall W. Errickson School

Ted Olsen and Tami Campfield (physical education teachers)
Laura Donovan school


#BuildingSTEAM - $3,350 Laura Donovan Jane Kablaoui (Media Specialist) Monica Hittinger (Technology Integration Coordiator)

Magna Tiles - $700 Catena Colleen LaSalle (Technology Integration Coordinator) and Janet Griffin (Media Specialist)

littleBits - $2,800 Errickson Karen Coronado (Technology Integration Coordinator) and Nanette Taddeo (4th Grade)

OSMO - $1650 West Freehold School Kimberly Layman (Technology Integration Coordinator)

A in STEAM - $1,500 Barkalow Middle School Matt Finucane (Technology Integration Coordinator)

Corporate and Private Foundation Grants – Fall 2011